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IKE Tripod (Refurbished)

IKE Tripod (Refurbished)

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The IKE Tripod has a low magnetic signature and is designed specifically for use with the IKE device to produce accurate measurements. 


Key features include three legs with two extension points each, extendable feet with spikes for added traction, and an adjustable swivel head where the device is mounted. 


The IKE Refurbished Tripod comes standard with:
- Tripod
- Allen keys (2)
- Allen key holder (hooks on to tripod leg)
- Quick Release Lever Plate
- Storage bag


If you'd like to purchase new stock, please reach out to your account manager for a quote OR email: New tripod cost = $395.00 USD + taxes and shipping. 


**Refurbished stock may be limited and is subject to availability**

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